Thursday, October 22, 2009

5, Lily and the Zipper Dress!


I think zipper dresses are so cool. Lily and I talked about how pretty much all of what she is wearing was bought from a thrift or affordable vintage store. I definitely shared her sentiment that fashion should be accessible and democratic and not just in Karl Lagerfeld's rarefied world of haute couture. (As much of a genius as he is.)


I'm also glad I got another chance to photograph this bag. If you remember, Lily wore it in the very first official post on this blog. It's got so much old-school character that I almost want to call it her sidekick.


Lily said that the ruffling on her sleeve is just "bunched up elastic," but I think it produces a really cool effect here! Nice detail on a relatively understated dress. Perfect style for a rainy Bowdoin day.

(A quick note to new readers... which would probably be all of you. Feel free to comment on these posts and let me know what you think! Of course, please keep everything fair and relatively nice, if only for my ego's sake. Let me know if the photos are a good size or if they should be smaller, whether I should write more or less, etc. I hope to be taking photos of a lot more Bowdoin students in the future!)

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