Sunday, May 16, 2010

50, Gayle


Gayle's dress has some kind of abstracted snake-skin pattern that was dyed all sorts of trippy colors. Sign me up!

Also: jellies seem like the greatest non-rainboot footwear to sport during the summer. I hope they aren't too difficult to clean if they get mucked up, but I'd imagine that wouldn't be something a quick rinse couldn't fix.

49, Mikel


Mikel told me that he made these cut-offs from an old pair of khakis. Whenever you want to do this make sure you wear your khakis and use a pencil to mark where you want to cut. Remember to stray away from drastic shorts surgery - you can always cut them shorter but you can never make them longer. So be weary!

Either way, this is an easy and cheap (a.k.a. free) way to get some mileage out of some old pants and update your summer wardrobe. Enjoy!

48, Allie


Allie is perennial chic. Always well-put together, effortless, summer style.

47, Fade to Black


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

46, Carolyn


Toggles. A hood! I'll miss these kinds of jackets when things start to get a lot warmer.

45, Elisa


Sunday, May 2, 2010

44, Bike Friendly


I want this bike!

43, Lauren


The way that the fedora, wayfarers, stripes, arm band, and studded belt are worked here makes for an interesting, yet coherent expression of summery style. Definitely a couple staple items that should be considered when planning a trip to one of this summer's big music festivals or just going for a walk downtown.

42, The Winner-ing Shirt


Bowdoin students definitely make funny statements with their interesting t-shirt designs come Ivies. This is just one of the many hilarious permutations - among which "DTROTBOT" and "Funk is Drunk" dominated.

41, FannyPaks


Those things look so convenient.

40, Ivies Rat Pack