Friday, October 30, 2009

12, Coat On, Coat Off


I took photos of Angela in an earlier version of this blog for curia (which you can see in the alphabetized posts). She always looks so great and she really encapsulates what it means to dress differently every single day.


It's that time of year when everyone is running around with a cup of coffee or tea. But I'm going to miss being able to just wear a cardigan or hoodie very soon! Sub zero temperatures come January anyone? I'm starting to think about the dilemma that snow will present... I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there!

PS - Catch Angela this weekend at "Drums in the Night," in Memorial Hall/Pickard Theater 8PM - 10PM tonight.

11, Maxime


What a great knit-skirt!

Since it's parent's weekend, I hope I can catch some stylish parent-student pairings. Wear your best tomorrow!

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7, The Admissions Counselor


I think the folks over at admissions always have such great style. I suppose you have to put a good face (and suit) on when it comes to playing the admissions game. Elmer happens to be particularly adept at dressing to the nines pretty much everyday and when it comes to pulling off a suit and not making it look too fussy, he's got the style down pat.


I happen to love herringbone patterned fabric, even though I don't think I could ever pull it off. It's a nice subtle touch that brings life to any suit when you get up close. The tab on the suit's lapels are also pretty old-school prep and adds the perfect touch of personality. And of course, don't forget the bow-tie. Very few people can pull that off nowadays!

Somewhere I heard hats were making a comeback?

6, Awa


Thursday, October 22, 2009

5, Lily and the Zipper Dress!


I think zipper dresses are so cool. Lily and I talked about how pretty much all of what she is wearing was bought from a thrift or affordable vintage store. I definitely shared her sentiment that fashion should be accessible and democratic and not just in Karl Lagerfeld's rarefied world of haute couture. (As much of a genius as he is.)


I'm also glad I got another chance to photograph this bag. If you remember, Lily wore it in the very first official post on this blog. It's got so much old-school character that I almost want to call it her sidekick.


Lily said that the ruffling on her sleeve is just "bunched up elastic," but I think it produces a really cool effect here! Nice detail on a relatively understated dress. Perfect style for a rainy Bowdoin day.

(A quick note to new readers... which would probably be all of you. Feel free to comment on these posts and let me know what you think! Of course, please keep everything fair and relatively nice, if only for my ego's sake. Let me know if the photos are a good size or if they should be smaller, whether I should write more or less, etc. I hope to be taking photos of a lot more Bowdoin students in the future!)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

3, Zoë

When I asked Zoë if I could take her picture, she abashedly said that she wasn't "dressed to the nines today." I laughed it off and explained that her style encapsulated exactly how you could not look fussy while still avoiding what I like to call "sweatpants culture," at Bowdoin.


I love the distressed details on this whole outfit. It's relaxed and non-fussy, yet colorful. This outfit definitely represents the beautiful autumnal array that surrounds us around this time of year. Fall represents a season when things really go into a relaxed state - Zoë definitely reflects this mood.


2, Light Coat, Black Boots


I'm really liking this combination of light beige coat and black boots. A nice way to bend that "after Labor Day," rule...


1, Lily

Lily has great style and I love how she picks soft and buttery leather pieces to accent her city-inspired look.


And of course... the bag has lots of character.


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An older post. Angela on election day.