Thursday, March 11, 2010

32, Mary


Dusk. Shades. Collegiate background. Sometimes what more can you ask for?

31, Nadja



Nadja is always so well put together and she did a great job doing all-black this late in spring. The headband is just icing on the cake!

30, Isabelle


I love Isabelle because she has so much fun with her clothes. Way to bring in the spring!

29, Fred




Fred always has great style but every time I ran into him I would never have my camera on me. After I took this picture he prematurely proceeded to tell everyone on campus about the "achievement." You're too much Fred.

(And yes I know his name isn't really Fred, but a name change was in order.)

28, Planning for Spring Break


I'm a little jealous of Caitlin's chic moleskine notebook. Just goes to show that you can be stylish and on top of your game at the same time!