Wednesday, September 8, 2010

At the Lobster Bake

I am sad to admit that I was a little too timid during the lobster bake. Or... maybe I just wanted to scarf down delicious crustacean goodness (avoiding the tomalley of course). Anyway, here are three shots from that day. I'm sad that it will be my last last laaast lobster bake, but it's been good while it lasted!




The thing I love about the lobster bake is that everyone puts on their finest Americana to enjoy a classic Maine meal. One could say it's my ideal day of what Bowdoin should look like.


Still Hungry said...
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dshaeff said...

There's Emily! HI EMILY!

ZSkipp said...


Anonymous said...

all the guys (and i must say the ladies) in your blog dress the same way.......i mean that's how the 'bowdoin men' dress, but seriously?? boring.