Sunday, December 13, 2009

23, Lizzy


I'm always amazed when people can throw on something other than Patagonia, North Face, or LL Bean during these winter months in Maine. (I know I always come running to my trusty Patagonia jacket during these hours - or let's be honest and say months - of need.)

Lizzy has a great sense of humor and this is reflected in her outfit. Within a relatively subdued palette of colors, the splash of a vivid floral print really makes this interesting. The thick knit of her coat also looks really cool (and warm)!

Of course, she hasn't totally strayed off the Maine winter-wear track. She's keepin' it real with the Bean Boots. If you haven't bought yourself a pair yet, I resisted for two years and now that I finally have a pair I wonder why I even waited. So head over to LL Bean on a 2AM run and slip a pair on, you won't regret it.



Vannie said...

absolutely love her bag!


Yeah, I pretty much LOVE this!

Lucy said...

the boots really complete the look- love the quirkiness!