Tuesday, November 10, 2009

14, Willy


I ran into Willy while walking around with Jordan Payne '12 who is doing a BCN story on this blog. I felt a little remiss about it all considering I haven't uploaded anything new in almost a week! (Now that problem is solved since I snapped tons of people's pictures while trying to show Jordan that what I do is somewhat premeditated and 'thought out' and not, in reality, completely spontaneous and random.)

I've also heard that there are a dearth of guys on this blog. Well, Willy is one of those guys on campus who has fun with what he is wearing. And clearly, his personality shows it. (Thanks for the salute!)

I personally think it's hard to pull off the blazer and kicks look - but a nice pair of jeans helps make that happen.


This is an amazing scarf that Willy happened to get from a drunk guy in Dublin. Apparently this guy approached him and said "This scarf belongs to you." Totally out of the blue. And well, Willy now has a new fashion accessory. This close-up shows the awesome subtly of tweed fabric. There are so many colors in that blazer that are reflected in the fall leaves in the background, but you wouldn't notice it from afar! Awesome sartorial style.

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